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Fill out either a “Host Only” or “Full” application form, which you can receive from your German teacher or print one off our website from our Forms.

Send in your application form as soon as possible! (Deadline Dec. 31st)

Send to:
The Friendship Connection, Inc.
Krista Winzer-Lee, Coordinator
P.O. Box 1444, Hudson, OH 44236

The total cost for “Full” participants is $1,850.  Please send in your first deposit of $650 along with your application form by December 31st. The balance of $1,200 will be due by February 25th, 2020.
Important: Participant’s full name and high school must appear in the lower left corner of the check!

“Full” participants and parents must read and sign the addendum to our application form, which is an integral part of the “Full” application form under the link “Forms” then click Full Participant Addendum.”

We will pair you off with a student from Germany based on you age, gender, interests and hobbies.

Around mid-February you will receive your German partner’s application form with his/her picture, contact information, interests and hobbies. In turn, your German partner will receive your application form. At that time you can begin communicating before your partner’s arrival in the spring.

When your German partner visits you in the spring, he/she will attend your classes, and after several days, should be given a chance to substitute at least a few classes for ones of greater interest to him/her.

Although it is expected that the host families will make an effort to show their guest the local points of interest and do some limited sightseeing, the primary purpose of this program is to provide the participants with an opportunity to live with a family in the host country; consequently, the daily routine of the family need not be disrupted.

Our main goal is to find the most compatible German exchange student for each American; however, if two American participants request to be placed in the same school in Germany, we will try to honor that request, even though it limits our search for the best possible German partner for those Americans.

While in Germany, the American students will attend a few weeks of school but will take no tests, receive no grades, nor be required to do homework. Most of our participating German schools will begin their summer vacation during our four week visit. Some Americans will experience only one week of school, others will experience four, it all depends on when their host school begins their summer break.

Krista Winzer-Lee, Coordinator of the exchange program, along with other chaperoning teachers, will be in Germany overseeing the program and will be accessible to students and parents alike. In addition, each German school has an assigned English teacher, who serves as a “Big Brother/Sister” to the Americans during their stay.


$1,850 for all “Full” participants

This price includes airfare, injury/illness insurance, teacher supervision and all administrative costs.  Room and board is provided by the German host family in exchange for similar accommodations when the German participant visits you in the spring.  Students should plan to bring along spending money for incidentals, souvenirs, gifts, etc.


If the hosting parents feel that the presence of the German student in their home proves to be disruptive or undesirable, that student will be removed and “relocated” with a “back-up” host family in a different school district within 24-48 hours.  If the exchange student breaks the law (stealing, alcohol, drugs, etc.), that student will be sent home at his/her parents’ expense!  After the Germans return home, the American participants and their parents have an opportunity to request a new partner for the summer exchange, if there was a personality conflict or some other problem. Once in Germany, we either visit or call these participants within the first few days to make sure all are happy with their new partners.


The overwhelming majority of participants consider The Friendship Connection to be a most unique and rewarding experience.  The feedback from host parents and participating teachers has also been very supportive of the program. (Please refer to our “Testimonials” page on this website.) We have found that college admissions officers are impressed with applicants who have participated in such a unique total-immersion program.