Friendship Connection Forms

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UPDATE: We have extended the January 15th deadline for VFC application form to JANUARY 29th! 

Virtual Friendship Connection Flyer (page 1)
Click here to learn more about the VFC branch of our program!

Virtual Friendship Connection Flyer (page 2)
Click here to see the differences and similarities between the two VFC options!

VFC American Application Form
Click here to open the application form for American participants.
Please fill out the form on the computer, print, attach a picture, have a parent sign and date, then scan and email back to:

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the forms listed below are not available during the 2020-2021 school year.
Please refer only to the Virtual Friendship Connection forms above.  We hope to resume the travel program during the 2021-2022 school year!

The Student Flyer for the 2019-2020 school year gives you an overview of the program and how it works.

The “Host Only” application form is for students who are only hosting in the spring and not returning the visit in the summer!

The “Full” participant application form is for students who will be hosting in the spring and returning the visit in the summer

The addendum to the “Full” participant form is an integral part of the “Full” participant application form and MUST be signed by a parent and returned to The Friendship Connection, Inc. along with the “Full” application form.

The Teacher Information Sheet provides us with the needed information about the German teacher and the school.

The administrator’s permission slip is to be signed by a building principal and simply gives permission for students from Germany to visit the school for what amounts to about 13 to 15 days in the spring and accompany their American partners to classes during their brief visit.

The Flight Deviation Form is for American participants who choose to extend their stay past the 4 week exchange program in order to visit relatives or friends in Europe or to travel with their own family members who meet them in Germany after the exchange program is over.

The Begleitlehrer application form is for German teachers interested in being a chaperon this summer for The Friendship Connection! The chaperoning German teacher’s ticket would only cost $550 minus $50 per “Full” participant from his/her school. We can only offer this price to the first teacher from each airport who signs up, so please return this form along with the $150 deposit as soon as possible.

We offer an optional 8-day tour of Germany and Austria to our “Full” participants, which takes place during the four program, meaning the student would spend 3 weeks with the German host family and one week touring with us. This page explains in detail what you will see and do on the 8-day “Best of Germany and Austria Tour” if you opt to sign up.
We can only accept the first 48 students who elect to participate on this tour!

The 12-day tour of German and Austria is our extended version of our 8-day tour.  The 12-day tour is offered to parents, siblings and teachers of the “Full” participants.  This page explains in detail what you will see and do on the 12-day “Best of Germany and Austria Tour”

The 12-day tour application form is for those participating on just the 12-day tour and not the family stay portion of our exchange program.  The 12-day tour is primarily for parents, siblings and teachers of “Full” participants.
One form must be filled out by each individual traveler and family member.