German Students

Be a part of The Friendship Connection, Inc., a three week home-and-home German exchange program for high school students in the U.S. and Germany.
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It was a super-smooth and positive experience all around – at school, with the host families and the exchange students alike!

Michele, Columbus, OH

Attention German students!

There are now THREE ways to participate on The Friendship Connection!
Pick the one that suits you the best this school year:

  1. If you are only interested in hosting a German student this spring and not returning to Germany in the summer, please sign up as a “Host Only” participant. There is no charge to be a “Host Only” family.
  2. If you are interested in hosting in the spring and returning the visit to your German partner this summer, please sign up as a “Full” participant.
  3. If you are just interested in “meeting” a new German friends without the commitment of hosting or traveling, please sign up for the Virtual Friendship Connection (VFC). Our hope is, that these VFC participants will develop such a good friendship over a year of virtual contact that they will want to do the full exchange together the following school year!

Travel to Germany!

June 19th – July 10th, 2024 You would visit your partner in Germany, live with his/her family and attend a few weeks of school! (You will not be required to do any school work…just observe.)

Note: Americans will observe anywhere from one week to three weeks of school in Germany depending on their placement and when their host school begins their summer break. Either way, the Americans will collect amazing experiences and learn so much about the language and culture, no matter how many weeks or how limited their time is in the German school.

The cost for the 2024 summer trip is $2,000! The price will include airfare, illness/injury insurance, chaperons and all administrative fees.

An American student’s return date can be extended upon a parent’s request, if the participant has friends or relatives in Germany, however, Friendship Connection, Inc. can no longer arrange these flight deviations with the airlines.  (Please refer to the link “Flight Deviations” in the “Forms” section for more information on how to extend the stay.)