Welcome to The Friendship Connection, Inc. for the 2022-2023 school year! We connect students from America and Germany both virtually and through travel and host family stays!

The Friendship Connection travel exchange program is back THIS year in spring/summer 2023!  If you are interested in hosting/traveling please fill out your FC form ASAP!
The Virtual Friendship Connection (VFC) is already up and running for this school year! Please see the link “Forms” for more details. 

About Friendship Connection

This program was conceived and developed by Ohio high school German teachers in cooperation with English teachers in Germany. The goal was to provide an inexpensive, “on-going” exchange program which would enable participants to enhance their ability to speak German and to develop a greater appreciation of the German culture as well as long-lasting friendships with their German partners. In the first 40 years, nearly 34,000 German and American students have participated on our exchange program.


We are proud of our Achievements!

Here you can review some statistics about our Program
Years of Experience
Participating US States
American and German participants

Admissions Process

We are currently accepting VFC AND FC host/travel applications for the 2022 – 2023 school year!

Step 1

Talk to your German teacher: It is your German teacher’s responsibility to obtain administrative approval for your school to participate each school year.

Step 2

After your school administrator has approved the program and your parents or guardian have also agreed you are allowed to participate, please request an application form from your German teacher or print one from this website. Fill your application form out thoroughly, attach a picture of yourself and obtain a parent or guardian signature.

Step 3

If you are signing up for the “Full” exchange program, please submit your form along with your first deposit. If you are signing up as a “Host Only,” no payment is required. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your application form has been processed. If you are signing up for the VFC with no hosting or traveling, please fill out your VFC application form and there will be a minimal charge of $75 for your six month “subscription” to the Virtual Friendship Connection program.