German Girls Needing Host Family

 First name, last name initial Year Interests and hobbies
Alina L. 2001 Dance (show and guard), ski, family, friends, pop music, cook, shop, math, PE, wants to work with people
Anabella M. 2001 Cheerleading, friends, metal music, art, biology
Caroline W. 2001 Partner dance, class president, event planning, science competitions, read (fantasy, Harry Potter and new adult), has a book blog, bowl, movies, interested in tennis and ballet, German, English, biology, politics, theater, philosophy, wants to become a doctor or manager
Christine S. 2001 Draw, being creative, sports, gym, read, friends, volunteer with handicapped people, travel, family, music (rap, R’n’B, house), history, art, politics, wants to become a teacher for handicapped children
Emma I. 2001 Basketball, coach kids basketball, handball, ski, theater, piano, economy, math, English, wants to go into commercial law or business
Hanna M. 2001 Horse back riding, basketball, dance (classic and Latin), friends, ski, snowboard, music, PE, chemistry, wants to become a police officer
Janina D. 2001 Motor sports, motorbike, friends, music, swim, big Spanish family, travel, Spanish, German, wants to work in hotel or travel industry
 Milena R. 2001 Horse back riding, swim, ski, run, outdoors, friends, church, church volunteer, music, English, history, economy, PE, wants to become a teacher
 Paula K. 2001 Guitar, bike, run, ping pong, swim, tutor (math, English, French), friends, music, math, physics, English, French, wants to become an engineer
Anna W. 2002 Horse vaulting, jog, music, watch TV (Grey’s Anatomy, Suits), movies, cooking, friends, sleepovers, manage events, politics, science, wants to be manager at a large company
 Corina S.  2002 Horse back riding, stake board, swim, ice skate, teach dog tricks, gym, jog, music (pop, country, rock), English, German, wants to be a veterinary surgeon
 Elisa W. 2002 Field hockey, friends, movies, shop, restaurants, sleepovers, TV series, movies, watch soccer, music, English, Spanish, PE, math, wants to be a graphic or interior designer, work in a bank or with computers
 Felicia O. 2002 Gymnastics, coach kids gymnastics, dance (tango, waltz, cha cha, zumba, hip hop, jazz), gives dance lessons, friends, movies, shop, music, English, Spanish, PE, wants to work with kids
 Frederike T. 2002 Handball, guard dance, gymnastics as a kid, travel, friends, family, music, PE, biology, wants to work in medical field with people or animals
 Hannah S. 2002 Watch soccer, Netflix, friends, TV series, Harry Potter, music, English, biology, art, PE, wants to be a physical therapist or doctor
 Kim P. 2002 Handball, horse back riding, paint, jog, swim, ski, read (novels, thriller), music (rap, pop, techno), shop, friends, art, PE, math, wants to be an architect
 Lea Me. 2002  Gymwheel, Guitar.  Winter: ski, snowboard, ice skate, Summer: stand-up-paddle, wake board, in-line skate.  Music (charts), read: mystery, comedy.  Travel, friends, babysit.  Likes languages, history, wants to be a primary school teacher.
Lea Mo. 2002 Dance (Latin, ballroom, showdance), workout, music (hip hop and 00’s), friends, shop, Netflix, French, German, PE, wants to go into marketing or management
 Lena S. 2002  Table tennis, swim, friends, music, read, movies, likes German and English classes, wants to be a journalist or author.
 Leonita K. 2002  Dance, volleyball, draw, badminton.  Music (hip hop, dancehall, rap).  Likes PE, Arts, and Languages, wants to be a lawyer, or psychologist in criminology.
 Liana K. 2002  Dance, piano, draw, friends (city, climb, cafe) music (rap, pop).  Likes art and biology, wants to be an architect.
 Lina H. 2002  Dance: folk, guard.  Friends, travel, piano, music.  Likes Politics, Economics, English, and Spanish.  Wants to study Political Science.
 Lisa K. 2002  Sports, friends, watch TV series, music (German rap or pop).  Likes English, German, wants to work in a commercial job.
 Luisa H. 2002  Tennis, track & field, gym, bike, friends and shopping, draw, read, watch TV series, music (pop, rap, charts).  Likes Art, PE, History, and Religion.
Mareike W. 2002 Volleyball, church youth group, friends, shop, bike, outdoors, music (pop, rock), science, languages
Marietta C. 2002 Horse back riding, work at stable helping younger kids with horses, track, dance hip hop, music (chart, pop, hip hop), PE, languages, wants to be an accountant
 Nala H. 2002  Tennis, ballet, sports, friends, music.   Likes PE and Biology, wants to study medicine.
 Natascha S. 2002  Gym, walks with dog, draw, TV series, music (Bosnian, Serbian rap and pop).  Likes Math, Chemistry, Physics, wants to be a bank clerk.
 Palu Paula N. 2002  Golf (competitions and tournaments), ski, watersports, surf, friends, music (hip hop, charts).  Likes English, German Literature, PE.  Wants to work with golfing or other sports.
 Sarah H. 2002  Karate, paint, crafts, swim, theater, cook and bake, friends-shop, skate, read, movies, sports.  Likes Math, art, and PE.  Wants to work as a teacher, or study design.
 Tabea V. 2002 Riding horses, farm work, draw, read, craft with leather, wood in workshop.  Enjoys classical music or radio.  Likes English, history, and Latin, and wants to study theology.
 Tamina W. 2002  Dance (modern, MTV, ballet), piano, sings in choir.  Friends, read, music (old, charts), bake, fashion/shopping.  Likes Math, English, German, Religion, and Music.  Wants to be a teacher.
 Vivian H. 2002  Soccer, riding horses, piano, sing, dogs, fashion/shopping, friends, music (rap, pop).  Likes Physics, PE, English, and German.  Wants to become a coroner, psychologist, or police officer.
 Alina J. 2003  Handball, horseback riding, friends, TV series, music (pop, pop-rock, rock), dogs, read, photos.  Likes Chemistry, History, and PE.  Wants to study psychology and work in research.
 Alisa H. 2003  Gymnastics, climb, boulder.  Plays drums and sings, music (rock, pop).  Likes PE and Art, wants to be a police officer or doctor.
Carolin P. 2003 Accordion, pop music, concert, cook, bake, puzzles, English, French, Spanish, math, geography, wants to work in marketing or finance
 Ceyda T. 2003  Taekwondo, dance, swim, movies, music (hip hop, German rap).  Likes English, PE, History.  Wants to become a lawyer.
 Charlotte W. 2003  Dance (ballet, carnival, standard), horseback riding, piano, friends, shop, movies, family, travel.  Likes French, wants to become an architect or do something creative.
 Clara S. 2003  Show dance, cheer leading, friends, likes art and politics, wants to be in the management field.
 Elisa B. 2003  Ski, tennis, handball, friends.  Likes English, German, and history.  Wants to become a police officer.
 Emilie T. 2003  Horseback riding, draw, TV series, music (hip hop, rap), ski, shop.  Likes Spanish, English, French.  Wants to do something with languages.
 Emilia L. 2003  Field hockey, dance, gymnastics, piano, friends, shop, music.  Likes English, PE, and art.  Wants to do work as a fashion designer or write for fashion magazines.
 Florence B. 2003 Handball, friends, city, park, family, outdoors, music, photo, ski, swim, French, English, PE, religion, interested in studying psychology
 Hanna B. 2003 Basketball, ski, swim, piano, shop, movies, animals, pop music, PE, biology, interested in becoming a teacher
 Jana B. 2003 Swim club, junior fire department, bike, music, family, friends, shop, geography, social studies, wants to become a nurse
 Janina G. 2003 Dance (guard and zumba), paint, charity organization, camp, music, friends, art, PE, French, wants to be a graphic designer
 Janna K. 2003 Outdoors, beach, sports, gym, active, pop music, English, science
 Jasmin B. 2003 Volleyball, piano, makeup, shop, sing, music (pop and rap), English, PE, wants to become a manager
 Jenna-Lee L. 2003 Piano, run, ski, surf, bike, dirt bike (motocross), friends, walk dog, music (pop, rock, rap), shop, You Tube
Joelina R. 2003 Handball, horse back riding, dog, friends, Netflix, music (rap, pop), photos, math, biology, PE, wants to become a dentist
Julia M. 2003 Hip hop dance competition, theater, friends, shop, movies, concerts, art, English, wants to study psychology or become a teacher
Lara S. 2003 Dance school, tennis, ping pong, piano, read, draw, friends, music (pop, house), math, art, wants to become a graphic designer
 Lena D. 2003 Gymnastics, figure skate, piano, friends, shop, makeup, fashion, Natflix, music, math, biology, PE, wants to work in real estate
Lisa S. 2003 Dance lessons, family, friends, watching football and American TV series, travel, photography, pop music, art, draw, English, wants to become an architect
Martha Y. 2003 Carnival dance, sing, piano, family, music, art, English, Spanish, French
 Muriel C. 2003 Write, movies, TV series, music (rap, pop), kick boxing, friends, family, English, history, German, wants to become a lawyer, psychologist or editor
 Rania W. 2003 Music, dance, friends, Netflix, gym, photography, math, art, wants to become a dentist or orthodontist
Sakshi G. 2003 Piano, flute, sing in choir, dance, act, theater, music (German/English rap and hip hop), Netflix, travel, English, French, science, chemistry, wants to study literature, medicine or architecture
Sara M. 2003 Violin, trumpet, orchestra, music, gym, read, friends, photography, English, French, physics, chemistry, social studies, music, wants to work with kids or people
Subitha J. 2003 Read, write, draw, music, movies, theater, family, friends, indoor activities, hike, outside, English, German, French, art, wants to go into journalism or teach
 Tabea E. 2003 Track, long distance running, javelin, dance class, draw, paint, crafts, photography, music, PE, art, math, wants to have a job in sports, health or graphic design
 Vanessa N. 2003 Badminton, draw, music (pop, r’n’b, rock), TV series, movies, bake, English, art
 Viktoria G. 2003 Gym, swim, bike, friends, music, draw, social studies, English, wants to become a judge
 Lena K. 2004 Volleyball, standard dance, clarinet, gymnastics, Judo, parkour, climb, swim, read, movies, bike, PE, music, art, math, chemistry, interested in studying environmental protection, medicine or politics
 Lilly C. 2004 Track, saxophone, ski, snowboard, windsurf, friends, music, read, biology, English, French
 Louise D. 2004 Draw, music, concerts, ballet, ice skate, cars and car design, English, art, PE, wants to become a designer or clothes, ceramics, furniture, cars, interiors
Madeleine N. 2004 Handball, swim, volleyball, friends, travel, shop, Netflix, cook, bake, music, English, PE, geography, Spanish, wants to study international business
 Rebekka T. 2004 Gymnastics, violin, school paramedic, youth councilor, biology, English
 Viktoria R. 2004 Handball, horse back riding, basketball, travel, beach, ski, family, friends, music, PE, wants to become an architect or lawyer