German Boys needing host families

First name, Last initial Year Born Interests and Hobbies
 David E. 2007 Soccer, tennis, golf, basketball with friends, rock climb, hike, ski, cook, English, French, wants to work in TV or architect
 Dominic B. 2007 Marathon, bike, English, PE, math, wants to be a police officer
 Fabian G. 2007 Field hockey, gym (5-6 x week), video games, swim, surf, kitesurf, PE, math, science, wants to be a doctor
 Hannes K. 2007 Ping pong, bike, nature, walk dog, read (fantasy), English, German, PE
 Jakob T. 2007 Basketball, soccer, video games, walk dog, English, PE, biology
 Kai S. 2007 Soccer, sports, creative, PE, chemistry, math, wants to be an architect
 Lukas L. 2007 Tennis, run, basketball, volleyball, English, math, wants to be an electrical engineer
Neolas D. 2007 American football, bike tricks, gym, workout, standard dance, PE, English, math, wants to be a pilot
Florian W. 2006 Soccer, gym, watch: field hockey, soccer, basketball, shop, video games, math, English, wants to be an electrical engineer
Fynn H. 2006 Soccer, basketball, jog, tennis, ping pong, swim, geography, English, PE, wants to be a police officer
Karl L. 2006 Hunt, fish, falconry, going in the woods, life guard, bike, lift weights, sports, science, math, chemistry, PE, wants to be an engineer
Lennart D. 2006 Tennis, gym, ping pong, volleyball, basketball, soccer, chess, mt. bike, swim, video games, math, Latin, PE, wants to work in sports, video graphics or management
Jannis R. 2005 Soccer, basketball, handball, volleyball, ski, festivals, waterski, swim, PE, economics, accounting, wants to be a police officer
Marc S. 2005 Computer games, chess, documentaries, history, physics, math, chemistry, computer science, wants a career in physics or engineering
Niklas D. 2005 Soccer, bowl, cards, handball, basketball, piano, gym (3x week), PE, biology, wants a career in weather media design, architecture or economy
Philipp W. 2005 Handball, ski, golf, local government, event planner, carnival, concerts, travel, PE, economics, math, German, politics, history, English, wants to study business or learn a mechanical job
Sebastian S. 2005 Piano, fish, basketball, watch NBA, travel, swim, surf, ski, math, PE, English, wants a career in music or psychology
 Pascal A. 2002  Photography, make short films, hike, badminton, gym, video games, politics, economics, computer science, wants a career in IT