German Boys needing host families

First name, Last initial Year Born Interests and Hobbies
 Jannis B. 2000 Work out, friends, music (hip hop, pop, rock, EDM) English, history, PE, wants to work in international business
Niklas B. 2000 Football, NFL, gym, friends, music, likes all subjects in school, wants to work with people and advise them
Christopher G. 2001 Handball, workout, run, nature, rap music, PE, English, history, wants to be police officer
Leon M. 2001 Soccer, gym, music (rap, hip hop), friends, family, board games, PE, accounting
Arthur H. 2002 Swim team, lifeguard, martial arts, bike, guitar, music, interested in football, PE, politics, economy, wants to study psychology
Bjoern T. 2002 Debates, theology, history (American history), music (metal, Hamilton, hip hop), biology
Justus G. 2002 Judo, badminton, friends, music (rap, rock), Netflix, PE, social/economic/political sciences, wants to be a policeman
Paul C. 2002 Basketball, friends, movies, music (rap, hip hop), PE, German, wants to become a policeman
Tom M. 2002 Soccer, video games, watch soccer and WWE, German rap music, PE, history, German, wants to become a primary school teacher
Daniel S. 2003 Soccer, tennis, ski, piano, pop music, friends, English, French, wants to be a lawyer
Maximilian E. 2003 Gym, handball, tennis, friends, PE, German, wants to go into marketing
Julius Z. 2004 Judo, ping pong, walk dog, rap music, PE, biology
Tim-Niklas P. 2004 Youth fire brigade, friends, bike, walk, video games, music, gym, PE, English, wants to become a fireman
Tobias M. 2004 Soccer, trampoline, parkour, piano, music, movies, read, swim, video games, PE, art, draw, wants to have an artistic job